Who can make a Will ?
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What is a Will ?

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Quality Credentials Sdn. Bhd. (QC) was incorporated in 1999 under the Companies Act. Quality Credentials is a provider of trainings for Estate Planning, Will Writing and Will-Writing services.

To date, Quality Credentials has trained more than 780 Will writers to provide Will-writing services. In furthering Will writing, Quality Credentials has developed a software (MyWill Software) to compliment Will Writing services.

Mr. Ken Lo, Managing Director
B Eng (Hon) U.K
International Certificate for Financial Adviser (ICFA)
Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

Mr. Lo has over 10 years of vast experience as financial adviser to businessmen, investors and individuals of high net worth. His corporate clients come from all kinds of industries such as manufacturing, consumer products distributing, property developing, real estate brokering, legal firms, fund managing firms and etc. Mr. Lo is also a familiar face in the training, lecturing and conventions circuit in Malaysia. He has graced the platforms in the Unit Trust Companies, Banks and CFP courses, to name a few.

Mr. Lo holds numerous qualifications, the B. Eng (Hon) UK, International Certificate for Financial Adviser (ICFA) and Certified Financial Planner (CFP). He is the author of the book entitled "Estate Planning Process and Practices".

He is now a member of the Board of Governors of FPAM, Chairman Of Practice Standard Review Committee and former President of Rotary Club Of Tanjung Aru, Kota Kinabalu (1992/1993). He was the founder and Managing Director of the first Will Writing company in Malaysia. Mr. Lo is formerly a Senior Agency Manager of an International Insurance Company in Malaysia.

He had been invited to share his experiences as a guest speaker at the Chartered Financial Consultant Convention, National Association Malaysia Life Insurance Agent & Financial Adviser (NAMLIFA) and MY FM Radio talk show. He is one of the 3 speakers of the First Forum held in 2004 to speak on the title: "Building Your CFP Practice in Malaysia - Hurdles and Opportunities" and also a speaker for MIA(Malaysian Institute of Accountant) for "The Direction of Financial Planning in Malaysia & Globally" Seminar recently in Malaysia. Mr. Lo has graced the platform of The 8th Asia Pacific Financial Planning Conference 2006 on Practice Standards in Financial Planning in Singapore recently.

Goh Yun Sing, Annie

Annie holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration with Major in Finance and Banking. She has hands-on experience in Management, Operations, Business Development and Public Relations with several small to medium sized companies.

She has also served in a reputable financial institution and is a professional trainer for one of the major Banks and Insurance Companies in Malaysia, providing Will Writing support and services, Estate Planning and Business Succession Planning for family owned business and partnerships in both Central and Northern Region of Malaysia.

Annie is currently a member of Associate Financial Planning of Malaysia (FPAM) planning and a student of Certified Financial Planning (CFP) course.

Elvin Lok
Software Engineer

Elvin is the Software Engineer and the key personnel of Quality Credeintials I.T. division. He is responsible for the company software development, website development and maintenance of the company I.T. infrastructures.

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