Who can make a Will ?
Do you need a lawyer to make your Will ?
What would happen if there is no Will ?
What is the benefits of Writing Will ?
What is a Will ?

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What is a Will?
A Will is a declaration made by a person in the form prescribed by law as to how his/her property is to be distributed when he dies. A Will only takes effect upon the death of the testator and therefore it is capable of dealing with property acquired after it has been made.

In Malaysia alone, that total of unclaimed cash and non-cash assets is now estimated at about RM40 billion. This was alone contributed by those deceased without a Will.

The advantages of Will

  1. You can provide for your beneficiaries in the manner you prefer instead of letting the laws decide.
  2. Expedite Legal Process
  3. Without a Will, as security for due administration of the estate two sureties are required. The security shall be in the form of a bond in the amount equivalent to the gross value of estate (S35 Probate and Administration Act 1959 *). With a Will there will be no such delay.
  4. You can choose your choice of quardian.
  5. You can choose your choice of executor and trustees. Some that you trust that he/she can carry out your wishes deligently.
* Only applies to non-Muslims in Malaysia.

Answer Yes / No for the below Question to find it out

  1. Would it upset you most if your assets will not be distributed according to your wishes?
  2. Suppose you and your spouse (wife or husband) are no longer around would you like to appoint someone to take care of your children under age 21.
  3. If you intend only your spouse or parents to inherit your house?
  4. If you have used EPF money to purchase approved Unit Trust. Do you want the same person you nominated in the EPF account to receive the money?
  5. Would you have any intention to provide charitable gift to any individual or association.
  6. Do you have any property/ies under joint name?
  7. If you have an option to ensure your investment and deposit accounts would not be frozen would you consider it?
  8. Do you have anyone else apart from your immediate family members to benefit from your estate?
  9. Would you like to appoint someone that you trust to administer your estate?
NOTE: Estate constitute monies, assets and properties.
Less than 2 answer "Yes" - Need not to consider
3 to 5 answer "Yes" - Recommended to have a Will
6 to 9 answer "Yes" - Urgent to have a Will

Act Now & Take care of your Loved One's

Now you can create a legally binding Will in the comfort with complete privacy of your own home, in a specially designed software to guide you step by step in a systematic interview format.
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Alternatively, If you wish to consult a Will writer to write your Will, you may contact our authorised Will writer listed below:

State Our Appointed Will Writer Contact Details
Kuala Lumpur & Selangor Contact our HQ
Melaka Mr Georgy Gan , Tel: 013-3877128
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Johor Bahru, Johor Mr Tan Ting Tiam , Tel: 012-7137212
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Ms Janet Lee, Tel: 016-8179343
Sandakan, Sabah Mr Robert Yang, Tel: 019-8333620
Kuching, Sarawak Ms Lawrence Tan, Tel: 019-8865225
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