Who can make a Will ?
Do you need a lawyer to make your Will ?
What would happen if there is no Will ?
What is the benefits of Writing Will ?
What is a Will ?

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I've got my Peace of Mind!
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Write your Will Today

1 hour briefing by a professional on how to write a legally binding Will.
Write your own will using state of art Will writing software in our training center.
Write your Will in-complete confidentiality
Completed Will document to take home

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Benefits of Writing Your Will:
  1. Avoid family dispute.
  2. Avoid Long and Stressful process of getting Letter of Administration.
  3. Avoid frozen of assets, e.g. financial/banking account.
  4. You provide for your beneficiaries in the manner you wish instead of letting the Laws decide.
  5. Avoid your brothers, sisters, grandparents, uncles and aunts to own part of your property.
  6. Get your Will done without further delay.
  7. Appoint someone you trust to carry out your assets distribution.

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