Who can make a Will ?
Do you need a lawyer to make your Will ?
What would happen if there is no Will ?
What is the benefits of Writing Will ?
What is a Will ?

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I've got my Peace of Mind!
My family future are now properly
protect by MyWill.

RM480 (per pax) Date: to be confir,ed
Inclusive of:
FREE! One year subscription to MyWill Software (Will Writing Software worth RM350.00)
FREE! Three (3) month advice on Will Writing issues
Group Bonus!(3+1 Free)! Attend for Free with every 3 successful sign-up participants referred by you.
Training Materials

Discover how to use Will-Writing Service to
INCREASE your PROFIT in this seminar!

In this seminar you will learn:
  1. Introduction to Estate Planning
  2. Practical and legal aspects of Will-Writing
  3. How to create value-added services to clients
  4. 10 Golden Rules of Will-Writing
  5. Step by Step guide on how to use MyWill software to write Wills in a short time frame
  6. Case studies

"If you avoid Will-Writing as a value added service, you might
as well push your clients into the arms of other agents."
- Money Marketing Magazine, UK

Who Should Attend:

  1. Business Owner
  2. Financial Planner / Wealth Manager
  3. Insurange Agent
  4. Unit Trust Agent
  5. Accountant / Auditor
  6. Mortgage broker
  7. Parttime business operator
  8. ..etc

For registration and full detials on this training, kindly contact us.

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