Who can make a Will ?
Do you need a lawyer to make your Will ?
What would happen if there is no Will ?
What is the benefits of Writing Will ?
What is a Will ?

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Through our associate company Money Concepts Malaysia Sdn Bhd our core business expand beyond Will writing into other Financial Planning practice area. Money Concepts Malaysia, MCM for short, has embarked on an exciting new era of growth and is a licensee from Money Concepts Asia, with headquarters in Hong Kong and now branched into Malaysia.

The Money Concepts International, or MCI, for short, is a tightly focused group on consummate professionals with each individual bringing years of expertise in financial management, risk management, licensure and contracts, business administration and international finance on an independent unbiased basis.

As independent Wealth Management Advisors, MCM are free to choose the financial services and products that best meet our clients' needs and requirements.

MCM commitment is to help individuals and families to achieve a secure financial future through sound financial planning, and our corporate mission is to make professional financial planning available to everyone - not just the affluent.

MCM core services:

  1. Business Succession Planning
  2. Inheritance Planning
  3. Portfolio Management Advisory Services
  4. Other areas of Wealth and/or Financial Planning
For more details on Money Concepts Malaysia, kindly visit

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